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Getting Started With the Marshall Plan for Novel Writing Software

getting started with the Marshall PlanSo, I’ve started using the Marshall Plan for Novel Writing software and I’m really having fun with it so far.

Getting It All Set Up

After downloading the software, I went through the quick process of installing it.  It was really easy, quick, and self-explanatory so I won’t go into how to do it here.  Then, I clicked on the desktop icon for the program, entered my name as the author, and found myself on the main template page of the program.

 Getting Oriented

I clicked on the How To Use This Program button at the top and read through the instructions.  It’s nice because the program gives you a quick overview of the Marshall Plan system and how things work, but it only takes a few minutes to read through.  This is one of those learn-by-doing programs (with lots of help along the way, of course) and I like that.  It would also be a good quick refresher for people who are familiar with the Marshall Plan from the books.  So, I’m ready to jump in and get started.  Fun!

Do What You Want To Do

The instructions let you know that you can jump in where ever you want to in the creative process according to your own inspiration for that writing session.  However,  they also give you suggestions for walking through the process step-by-step if you prefer that.  Since I’m new to the program and this system of writing, I’m going to go through each step as Marshall recommends.  To do this, I just click on each of the tabs positioned across the top of the page.

 Defining the Initial Crisis

Tab 1:  First, you click on the Story Idea tab.  Here, you read a bit about the importance of the initial crisis and how it lays the foundation for your whole novel.  You then define the gender and age of your lead character.   Then, you click the next subtab…

Deciding On the Story GoalCB030341

As a result of the crisis, your Lead character decides on their story goal.  This is what she will be working to achieve throughout the novel although she won’t succeed until the end.

The Suppose

Next, based on the initial crisis and the goal the Lead sets in response, you devise what Marshall calls “the Suppose.”  It’s phrased in this way: “Suppose this big crisis happened to my Lead and in response, she decides that she must achieve this goal.”  The Suppose  defines this crisis that will drive your story forward and the software goes over the key criteria it must meet to make your story truly compelling.  There are lots of good tips here.  For example, Marshall emphasizes how important it is that this Suppose actually intrigues you as the writer so you want to write about it and so your writing will reflect that enthusiasm.

So, I defined the sex and age of my lead and I’ve got an intriguing crisis, goal, and Suppose drafted.  I’m ready to move on to the next Tab: Working with Sections and Genre/Length.

But First… Give My Novel a Title

To save my novel file, the program requires me to enter a working title in the Title tab section, so that’s what I did.  I tested it out and I can change the title later if I like by just entering another title in this tab.

Next up is learning about the building block of my novel: what Marshall calls sections and deciding on my genre and target word length.  I’ll do that in my next post.  See you then!

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Compare Top Novel Writing Software: NewNovelist, The Marshall Plan Software, and Dramatica Pro Reviews

Novel Writing Software Review

Novel Writing Software Review

Novel writing software programs are a great resource for helping you turn your initial story ideas into a well-written, compelling novel.   The biggest advantage of the three I review below is that they will help you discover where you want to go with your novel and who your characters are so that when you sit down to write the whole process is much easier and more effective.  Each of these programs offer you a variety of different tools and advantages.  The main difference between these three software programs is how they approach the process of structuring your novel before you write it; I’ll go into that below.  The key is to find what works best for you.  Each of these programs has a money-back guarantee so you can safely try them out and return them if they don’t suit you.  Although ultimately it’s you that will discover what works for you, I’ll help by showing you the strengths of each software option below and you can take it from there.



Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software

BEST FOR: The writer who is looking for a program to help them quickly and specifically develop their novel ideas into a compelling and marketable page-turner using the structure common to most of today’s bestsellers.  Numerous writers have used this program to write a variety of popular published novels.  One of the strengths of this software is that it provides specific step-by-step guidance about how best to write a novel in a specific genre, i.e. romance, mystery, western, etc.  It guides you through structuring your novel using the suspense-building tactic of strategically revealing your story from multiple points of view.  Mr. Marshall developed this program at the request of readers so they would have an easy way to apply the suggested techniques from his best-selling Marshall Plan for Novel Writing book series.  You’ll learn all about his effective approach to novel writing as you go through each step of the program.

Price: $149
Guarantee:  30 day unconditional money-back guarantee
Click Here to Check Out The Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software Yourself



Dramatica Pro 4

Dramatica Pro 4

BEST FOR: The writer who wants to develop a multi-faceted, well-structured literary novel in which all the elements contribute to an overarching theme.  Many published novelists as well as Hollywood screenwriters rely on Dramatica Pro to help them craft their stories with rich and varied layers of detail and meaning.  The program guides you through hundreds of questions about character, plot, and theme which help you shape your writing into a richly detailed novel.  It takes some time to fully understand the unique perspective and techniques that are the foundation of the Dramatica Pro method of writing.  However, as you go through the process of using this software to develop your novel ideas, it has the added benefit of giving you an in-depth education about how to apply literary theory to your writing.  When you’re done with the process, you may feel as if you’ve received an MFA-level creative writing degree.  Plus, you’ll have a firm grasp of your story which will make the writing of your novel flow easily from your outline.  It is the most expensive option and has a fairly steep learning curve, but many users feel the improvement in the quality of their writing makes this program absolutely worth it.

Price: $229.95
Guarantee:  30 day unconditional money-back guarantee
Click Here to Check Out Dramatica Pro 4 Creative Writing Software Yourself



NewNovelist Novel Writing Software
NewNovelist Novel Writing Software

BEST FOR: Writers who want help structuring their novel using the archetype of the Hero’s Journey, a structure which resonates for readers because it reflects the essential human journey toward growth as we move through life.  It is also helpful for writing in various genres (romance, fantasy, mystery, etc.) and gives you guidelines for structuring each within the overall context of the Hero’s Journey.  It is the only one of the three programs I review here which offers a word-processor that will keep all your writing ideas, character sketches, and notes in one place for easy access.  You can easily jump around and work on whatever section of your novel inspires you each day and the program keeps track of it all for you.  It has the ability to propose first lines for you and will even read back your writing to you if you like, a nice feature.  It’s a great choice for writers who

UPDATE: There have been a number of changes to this program and the management of it recently which make me question the current quality of this program.  I’m in the process of updating my review here so please come back and see that soon.   Thanks!

Price: $54.99
Guarantee:  30 day unconditional money-back guarantee


Whichever program you choose, it will help you to write your novel with the enthusiasm and peace of mind that come from having an inspiring, overarching vision of where you are headed.  Best of luck to you and have fun writing!